As it is a 100% natural fabric it is recommended to wash by hand with mild soaps and wet ironing.

Cómo lavar una prenda de seda: Silk garments are not washed in a washing machine.
It is advisable to always wash them with warm or cold water, by hand, and let them soak for a few hours. The soap to use should be neutral and should not be rubbed too hard as we can break or stretch it.

Cómo enjuagar una prenda de seda: Luego la estiramos y colgamos al aire libre. Bajo ninguna circunstancia centrifugarla.

Cómo tender una prenda de seda: It can be dried outdoors, but never in the sun. Silk garments can be hung vertically or horizontally.

Cómo planchar una prenda de seda: Place a cloth between the garment and the iron; the iron must be at medium temperature. You have to remember to iron it inside out, to avoid shine.